I got this great infographic from LearnStuff.com that validates all you have thought about your crazy boss.

Most people I coach have problems with their boss – that’s why they are dissatisfied with their current work. In fact, more and more people are interested in developing their own business, so they don’t have to work for anyone more nuts than they are.

Is it possible to find a good boss? Yes, it is. I think I was a pretty good boss (you’ll have to check with my old team, though). I wasn’t always, though. I was awful for a while – critical, demanding, unrealistic, angry, frustrated and frustrating. I had a wake up call, when my admin assistant went into a coma after an asthma attack and the last interaction I’d had with her was expressing dissatisfaction with her performance. It came to me in a flash that the most important thing was the quality of my relationships with other people, not getting things done. With great relationships, we’d get things done and done well. So I got better. Not perfect, but better.

I know that bad bosses are everywhere because all the leadership and management journals and sites have tons of information about how to be a better boss. Who’s reading them, though? I bet it’s not the bad bosses…

Your Boss Is Insane