What to wear for the interview?

It’s important, because clothes definitely send a big message to people observing and meeting us. From the color of our clothes, people form impressions of us before we even speak.

Choose your clothing colors to convey an unspoken message, one that supports whatever verbal message you are delivering. By matching your visual and verbal messages, you are more likely to achieve your desired goal from whatever interaction you have with other people.

For job interviews, this is especially important. What do you want the employer to think of you?

I first was introduced to the idea that color could influence work by a book called The Mystic Executive (now out of print). In it, I learned that

  • Wearing blue is a great idea when I wanted people to know that I was listening to them, and to promote better communication.
  • Orange should only be worn as an accent color
  • Pastels make one appear weak and soft
  • Red is to be worn when one wants to command attention and appear authoritative.
  • Black and white to be “nothing” colors that conveyed no message at all and in a sense allow the other person to see in you their own self-image. That’s a little dangerous if you ask me. I mean, what if they hate themselves?

Here’s what Mary Giuseffi, an image consultant (Marygiuseffi.com) said in an interview with Steve Harrison (MillionDollarAuthorClub.com). It correlates nicely.

  • Navy suit conveys team player, trustworthiness
  • Red tie conveys power, enthusiasm, control
  • Blue tie conveys clarity, teamwork, trustworthiness
  • Yellow is a mentally clear color that helps you deliver a concise message. It also is a happy and entertaining color.

As for me, I stuck with a navy blue suit with a cream-colored top. And I wore the same outfit for every interview, so I would be familiar to those interviewing me. The suit was season-appropriate and somewhat stylish – not overboard with fashion-edginess, but looking current. I wore pumps and nude stockings. And I wore a simple pearl necklace, makeup, and my hair down and styled. It was a pretty classic outfit, that worked. I did get the jobs I really wanted.