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I write about real situations that occur in job search and on the job.  If you have a question or issue you would like me to address, please submit a comment and I’ll answer it either through comments or a blog post.  Anything you want to know is sure to be a question for many other people, so don’t be shy.

My perspective is based in 3+ decades of hiring and managing people, as well as applying for many, many jobs and going on many, many interviews. I’ve gotten job offers and accepted them and turned down others.  Experience is my guide. And I have a fantastic community of recruiters, coaches, employers, and HR people who I call on to get answers from their perspectives.

Guest Posts

Thanks so much for your interest in submitting a guest post for my blog. Right now, I’m not accepting guest posts as I don’t have the time to read them to ensure the content is in line with my blog perspective.  Hope you find a great place for your posts!