Guide to Finding “Your Right Fit Job”

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How to Find Your “Right Fit” Job

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From The Desktop Of: Julia Erickson Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Friend, We’ve never met, but I do know these 2 things about you: You want a great job doing something that you love to do; and you are frustrated with your current job search. Like you, I’ve had job searches that seem endless. I wondered if I would ever find the the right job for me, one that fit me and my talents and skills. My first job search was during the last great recession (1981-82). I was unemployed for months.  I applied for many jobs, only to hear ‘no’ or nothing at all. That constant rejection ate away at my self-esteem and I started to lose confidence in my abilities.  Eventually, I reached out to my network which led to the job that started me on my career. Another job search took two long years.  I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting interviews, much less job offers.  I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I thought I wrote a good cover letter, and I worked long and hard on my resume. I applied for almost any job I thought I could do, and tried to make the case in cover letters for why I was someone they should talk to.  But nothing seemed to work. I was desperately unhappy and losing hope. Fortunately for me (and now you), I found a way out… I learned basic steps to capturing an employer’s attention – by first focusing on my own talents, strengths, likes and natural abilities. Using all the tools I gathered, I found exactly the job for me. It fit me like a well-tailored suit – it was my “right fit” job. Since those early failures, I poured my heart and soul into learning everything I could about effective job search. I ate, slept, and drank this world, and as a result of being immersed in it for 18 years, I’m now considered an expert in this field, so I’m well qualified to help you. Over the last few years, my friends and acquaintances constantly hassled, encouraged, and cajoled me to write a definitive guide about how I coach people to find their right job, so I finally gave in and I’m now ready to share it with you. Inside, you’ll discover the very best, most up to date tips and strategies about job search.  There’s no fluff or filler, it’s packed with practical information you can use instantly. How This e-Book Will Help You … Permanently The guide is like having me coach you through your job search process. You will follow the same step-by-step process I use with people who get the jobs they really want. Your “Right Fit” Job is based on two main premises.

  1. Job search is essentially a marketing campaign, where you are the “product” and the specific kind of work is your “market.” Successful marketers know their product and target market really well.
  2. Using Your “Right Fit” Job, you will get to know yourself extremely well, including your “core value proposition” – what you offer employers that is unique to you and very valuable to them. You also will know what kind of job or work you want – where and how you will do your best work and be happiest. Being very specific will help you find a job.

Then Your “Right Fit” Job will guide you to develop really effective marketing materials (resume, cover letter, 5-second intention statement aka “elevator speech”) and a networking strategy to help you get interviews. The guide gives great advice on how to handle interviews, especially difficult questions. I also include suggestions for how to battle “job search fatigue.” Does this approach work? Over the last 6 years, my clients have gotten jobs. The only difference high unemployment made was that searches took longer and had more steps, plus personal connections were more important.  Think about it:  even with high unemployment, most people who want to work are working (9 out of 10 right now).  And jobs are available and coming open every day.  Someone is going to get hired. You can increase your chances of landing what you consider the perfect job by using the tools and methods contained in Your “Right Fit” Job. I know that when you do your “right fit” work, you will be happy at work. And when you’re happy at work, you’ll be happier in life. Use Your “Right Fit” Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love to direct your job search efforts most effectively and find the “right fit” for you. A few people that have already had privileged preview access to the guide told me that the information I share in the few short pages of the guide is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I admit, it’s not the most pretty layout – I’m no graphic designer.  And if you want to be impressed with eloquent or fancy writing, this probably ain’t the guide for you, but if you’re looking for practical advice you can rely on, directly “from the trenches”, written by someone with years of experience, I can help you!  This guide will transform the way you look at job search. Here’s a sample of what’s inside the guide:

  • The 3 Best Ways to identify the kind of work you absolutely love
  • Insider Strategies for getting your resume picked out of the pile
  • How to avoid the ‘scattershot job search’ trap
  • The latest trends in networking
  • Instantly improve your cover letters
  • 2 Ways to overcome a boring resume and choking in interviews
  • The giant myth about older workers and why it’s untrue

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If you’ve read this far, you’re probably asking yourself if my Guide will work for you, right?  Here’s the thing: I promise that all of the secrets I reveal in this very special guide continue to work for you, they work for your family, and they work for your friends and colleagues. But for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the results, let me and know and I’ll give you double your money back One of my close friends recently told me, “You drew out of me exactly what I love to do and captured my ‘core value proposition’ to employers. I had the best interview ever because of the work we did.” As you can see, I have unique experience in this field, which I’m sharing for the first time. Your investment to get this guide is just $14.95.  So what’s the catch, right?  Well, I’m going to level with you … I’m planning on raising the price soon.  But for now, I’m offering it to you (and others who stumble across this site) for $14.95 on the following condition: Read it.  And then take action by giving me your feedback about how it helped you on my blog at That’s all I ask. I want your honest opinion because it’ll help me make further changes to enhance the guide for future readers, who’ll be paying full price! So it’s decision making time… To get instant access to the downloadable guide, right now, click the “Buy Now” button you see in the order below…


Guide to Finding “Your Right Fit Job”

Grab it Today for $14.95 – Limited Time Offer!

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I can understand why you might be cautious.  After all, we’ve never met, you don’t know me and I don’t know you.  That’s part of the reason why I’ve priced the guide so ridiculously low at just $14.95. I’m hoping you’ll say to yourself, “heck, it’s only $14.95, what have I got to lose?!” Your credit or debit card payment is processed by PayPal, and it’s fully protected and guaranteed by them.  I know that you’ll benefit greatly from the information, so I’ve tried to remove all barriers for you. Demonstrate a little trust in me and you’ll be delighted as I repay you many times over with the valuable information in this guide.  I’ve been told that I should be charging at least 10x the asking price, but I don’t want to do that until I’ve collected more feedback from readers like you. Act now, grab the guide, and transform your job search today!

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“I’m so confident that you’ll be delighted with this guide that I’ll happily give your money back if this very special Guide fails to exceed your expectations with the useful, practical and easy-to-follow, step-by-step information it contains.”

Kind regards, Julia Erickson P.S. You MUST act now.  I honestly don’t know how long this guide will stay at $14.95.  As I explained, this is a temporary price test to gather feedback on my blog (the “Home” tab on this website) about the report.  I reserve the right to increase the price at any time soon without warning.  That’s why NOW is the best time to grab your mouse and click on the “Buy Now” button you see below…

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