LinkedIn is constantly changing its platform these days.  You may have noticed the new home page, which uses more graphic blocks to organize information.  Now they are going to use the same kind of look for your public profile – what people see when they look up your profile.

Here’s an article from that discusses the new profile and other changes LinkedIn has made recently.  You can see a larger preview here on the LinkedIn blog, as well as sign up to get an invitation to be an early adopter of the new look. This is a MUST for anyone looking for work in social media or using social media. 

I don’t particularly like the new format, but that’s not my call. My job is to use it to best effect, and understand the implications of the new format for job seekers, networkers, sales people, marketers, etc.

So what does the new LinkedIn profile mean for the  average #jobseeker?

  • You must have a photo of yourself. Your profile photo is now front and center, bigger than before, and therefore extremely noticeable by its absence. Most employers want people who follow directions, so if you want a job working for someone, I suggest you follow directions to have a complete profile – which means a photo of yourself.

TIP:  Best LinkedIn photos: head shot, face front or 3/4 view at most. Light background so we can see you. Professionally dressed in alignment with your goal industry/occupation/position.

  • Complete your profile. The graphic image and rating of your profile strength means it’s incredibly easy for recruiters to see if you finished your work on LinkedIn. Since most work is about completing things and producing results, you send a message with the completeness (or non-completeness) of your profile.

TIP:  LinkedIn tells you what you need to do to complete your profile, so click on the  “Improve Your Profile” button when you open your LinkedIn account. Then follow directions.

  • Have some intelligent activity on LinkedIn at least twice a week – preferably once a day.  Activity now is right under your photo. People using LinkedIn to source people will be able to see if and how you are using LinkedIn. So if you hope to use LinkedIn to find a job, start using LinkedIn.

TIP:  Easy ways to have intelligent activity: “Like” an article or substantive post by someone in your network (you’ll find this on your Home Page Activity Feed). Recommend someone (shows reciprocity, generosity, confidence in your own opinion). When you read something on a blog or news site, post it to LinkedIn.

How do you think the new LinkedIn look will affect your job search? What will you do as a result of the change?