I’ve heard good news from a few clients: they landed jobs! And better than that: positions that use their Core Value Proposition!

What’s a Core Value Proposition?

It’s when they are using skills they enjoy using, having an impact that’s meaningful to them, and working in a way that’s resonant with their values, personality, and working style. When all those facets are in place, people are happy at work. And when you’re happy, you deliver great value to your employer and your customers – be they internal or external.

One person got a job as a Director of Partnerships. Another as a Customer Success leader. Another as a Communications Leader.

It took them each some time and perseverance. Especially perseverance.


* All of them pushed through discouragement.

* Each continued to network, using their Intention Statement to let people know what they were “looking for.”

* One took a pro bono consulting gig to keep up his skills and then landed paying consulting gigs.

* Another booked time with me to vent and get reassurance that she did have ability and talent and WOULD land something because she was doing everything right.

* Every one of them kept finding specific jobs to apply for that matched their CVP.

* All wrote targeted cover letters that made the match between their expertise/experience and past impact and the job requirement and problems the employer wanted solved.

* They got coached at least once before interviews to make sure they were anticipating questions, formulating concise answers, and coming up with great questions for the employer – based on their Must Have List.

Job search is a marketing gig.

You need the tools to effectively market yourself. AND job search is an emotional journey. You need support to keep going.

With both the right tools and the right support, you too – like my clients – can land your “right fit job.”