Source: “Envision Your Way to Job Search Success” by Susan Bernstein at

Most of us have heard of The Secret and the Law of Attraction. How does that work in a job search? In this video, the wonderful Susan Bernstein shows some simple steps toward getting the exact job you want.

The steps in this video clip are a microcosm of what’s involved in discovering the job that’s right for you. Because it’s intended as an introduction to her 10-week course, there are many details left out. Still, the video is a good place to start.

She proposes envisioning the job BEFORE  you start looking. When you can picture the job, you send a message to the universe that you’re open to this – and that allows the Law of Attraction to start working. You attract the exact vibration job that you’ve envisioned.

I agree completely that it only makes sense to start a job search with what you want – your goal.  With a goal, you can create a plan to reach it. This is starting with the end in mind. Specificity really helps in job search.When you know the specific kind of job you want,

  • you know what to look for on job sites
  • it’s easy to explain why certain jobs are the right ones for you
  • people will quickly understand how to help you when you network
  • you’ll immediately recognize job opportunities when they appear

And job opportunities will appear. There’s a very interesting alchemy that happens when you get specific. To paraphrase a quote attributed to Goethe, “when you fully commit to something, the universe steps in to support you.”

Once my clients know exactly what they want to do – by developing their “Must Have List” of things they must have for a job to be the right fit for them – it seems almost magical how opportunities begin to appear that are aligned with your goal. The Law of Attraction does work in job search.