On a recent job posting, I saw the employer included this at the end:

We Recommend

  • Candidates develop a thorough understanding of Goldstar’s business before applying.
  • Candidates read this job description carefully, ask questions if necessary, and honestly assess their fit and interest before applying.
  • Candidates devote thought before applying to the specific ways in which they will be very well suited to this role.

Also, they added a last desired qualification:

Passionate about live entertainment: theater, music, comedy and sports

The nature of their business is selling half-price tickets, and the job is in the marketing department.

I give you this example to show that I’m not just making this stuff up when I say it’s more effective to target your search. This is what employers want, too! They are inundated by resumes, so how are they going to decide who to interview? Based on who:

  1. Most closely meets their qualifications
  2. Shows their familiarity with the company and passion for the work
  3. Demonstrates how their past matches the company’s needs and will further the company’s goals

It can pay off when you devote time and thought to decide what jobs you most qualify for and are passionate about, make the case to yourself about how you match the qualifications, and construct a compelling cover letter.