I have given to several requests for funds to help people hurt by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Here’s where and why:

12for12k.org: because it’s a Twitter- and Facebook-powered fundraising mechanism, showing how social media can be used as another method for inviting people to be part of making the world a better place. Their charity partner in Haiti is faith-based, if that matters to you.

Red Cross: because President Obama sent me an e-mail with a direct link to make a donation to a group that does incredible work everywhere, making sure necessities are there where and when people need them. Water, medical supplies, food, tents – all the things I can’t imagine doing without.

Share Our Strength: because they are getting food directly to people on the ground, through their local connections. With its focus on children, SOS speaks to my heart.

You CAN do something about the horrors in Haiti and be sure your money is going where it is intended, when you give to a reputable group about whose work you know something.