A recent JupiterResearch survey commissioned by Convio indicates that on-line donors may give more than $3 billion during the 2008 holiday season.

  • More than 89 million people plan to give in November and December 2008.
  • Most (67%) plan to give the same or more as last year, while 33% will give less because of the economy.
  • 54% of women and 48% of men expect to give.

On-line donors are most likely to support these types of organizations:

  • Human and social services groups, like food banks and homeless shelters (41%)
  • Faith-based organizations (34%)
  • Disease and health service organizations (33%)
  • Animal welfare organizations (24%)
  • Disaster and international relief organizations (22%).
    • 45% of women plan to give to a human or social service organization.
    • 35% of men will give to human or social services organization.

Donors expect to use the following tools to make on-line donations.

  • Charity Web sites (27 percent)
  • E-mails from family and friends (15 percent)
  • Charity information and evaluation sites (10 percent)

For more information, go to www.convio.com/holiday2008.