LinkedIn Is Essential for Today’s Job Seeker

All job seekers need to be on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. Being on LinkedIn means having a LinkedIn profile, which will essentially be your online marketing platform.

Job Search = Marketing Yourself

I say “marketing platform” because that’s really what a job search is: a marketing campaign. You are marketing your ability to help an employer achieve their goals, your capacity to have an impact on the company or the field you want to work in. And you are competing in the job marketplace with other people who may have the same or more skills as you. You can stand out by optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

My friends at produced this list of 19 ways to optimize your profile: 19 Essential LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers. Click to read more about their tips, which are summarized below.

Top LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

Which Tips Are Most Important?

All of them are valuable. Begin with 1-14, and then work on 15 and beyond.

I will add to #14,which says “Add Relevant Skills Only.” I don’t completely agree with this. You can have up to 50 skills. I believe in using as many of them as possible.

How do you know what skills to add? Check out jobs you want and gather skill keywords from those job descriptions. You’ll find them in the body of the job description, in the listing of the duties and responsibilities, and in the qualifications. If you can honestly say you have those skills, add them to your Skills and Endorsements section.

You Are Not Alone!

If you need help optimizing your LinkedIn profile, contact me. This is what I do.