WIIFT. What’s in it for them?

A client has an interview today. We’ve done a lot of prep especially anticipating difficult questions and coming up with answers that are a) true, so easy to remember and say naturally b) phrased in positive terms so the takeaway is positive.  Also, he has some stories to tell that illustrate his Core Value Proposition and how it will benefit the potential employer.

My final words to him are these:

Remember, take your time answering questions. Make sure you emphasize your core skills, how you’ll add value. If you get asked why you want this job, talk about the job, the company, the kind of work they do, their reputation. They really only want to know that you want THEM and can help THEM, not so much about why it’s good for you.

And that’s the short tip. Figure out the employer’s WIIFM (what’s in it for me). That’s what they care about. And they want to know you care about it, too.