Like it or not – typos on your resume and/or cover letter will almost certainly get you eliminated from the candidate pool.

I know there is at least one person out there who will say “that is the stupidest thing ever – the employer could be missing out on the best person possible.”

The thing is – the employer doesn’t think they are missing out.

First, in this economy, they have tons of other candidates. So one less candidate to consider is a relief.

Second and MORE IMPORTANT, typos in something as important as your resume – your FIRST impression – send the message that you don’t notice, care about or  take care of details. You demonstrate that you don’t understand that details matter.  And that tells the employer that you won’t take care of the employer’s details, either.

When you get the small things right on something as important as your resume, you show that you understand priorities, that you spend time making sure something is done right, that you get it that first impressions matter.

So make sure to get the small things right. Print out your resume – having it on paper makes it easier to catch typos.  Because you can be the best person for the job but if you have a typo, it’s almost certain you will not get an interview, much less the job.