I always tell people that it’s important to listen to folks who are very involved in the employment arena and use their suggestions – and you have to be comfortable with what eventually is seen by the outside world.

No one person has all the answers. However, it’s worth listening to someone who has a track record helping people get interviews that lead to jobs. And if you get the same suggestions from several people, it’s a good idea to follow that advice.

I find that there is an ongoing process of developing your job search marketing materials – for that’s what the resume, cover letter and digital tools really are. Just as in any marketing effort, you’ll get real-world feedback that may cause you to reevaluate your marketing materials.

Again, I caution you to look for trends and the same feedback from a few different sources. If you are comfortable with what you have put together, stick with it. If someone has an idea or suggestion that makes a lot of sense to you, go for it.

Give more weight to advice and suggestions from people in the business of helping people find work. Friends and colleagues – and even HR people – don’t necessarily know what they’re talking about. And often friends and family are reacting to their own fear that you won’t succeed. Your goal must be to make only thoughtful revisions based on careful consideration.

Bottom line: if you’re getting interviews for the kind of jobs you want, it ain’t broke so you don’t have to fix it! If you’re not getting interviews for jobs that meet your “must have list” – well, it’s time for an overhaul.