photo by Avenue207

I coach people to find their “right fit” work – work that makes you happy.

I’ve long known that when I’m happy at work, I’m happy in the rest of my life. And the system I use is one designed to help you find what makes you happiest, so you can find work that allows you to do these happy-making things.

Most people who are looking for work are not happy, however.

This means I need to help them focus on what makes them happy. And it means I need to help them reframe their attitude from negative and hopeless to positive and optimistic. Why do I do that?

Because my experience with myself, my friends and a couple hundred clients is that positive optimism is a more effective attitude in job search. Meaning if you expect you’ll get a job you like, you will. And you do get a job you like – or even love.

Now I see more and more research backing up my assertion that if you focus on what makes you happy, you get more of what makes you happy.

Here’s a fantastic video of Shawn Achor, a psychologist who specializes in happiness, describing the “happiness advantage” at a TEDx conference in 2011. I hope it inspires you.

The Happy Secret to Better Work