It appears that at long last, there is a way to gather all your resume information onto one site – your resume, LinkedIn profile, portfolio of documents and visual items. For now, it is free.

I saw someone else’s Visual CV and thought “at last!” I have just signed up for it and will be testing it out.

My hope is that it will provide a simple internet location for job seekers to put all their application information. People are always wondering about tools for creating an on-line portfolio of writing samples or design examples or other samples of their work. LinkedIn has added features like and SlideShare. The downside to is there is a fee after a certain level of use and time. SlideShare can only accommodate slides and PowerPoint presentations.

The question is whether potential employers will really visit the site. I would imagine that recruiters will because it’s a great place for them to vet a person prior to talking to them. I just don’t see employers going to all that effort, however.

We shall see! And frankly, that’s all we can do anyway with all the technology that’s being developed and touted as the answer to our prayers. If you have the capacity to make a separate folder of writing samples, why would you need this site? If you don’t want to add video to your application materials, you may not need this site. The advantages will become more apparent as more people use it.

I know someone who is going to test out as a place to track her job search. Is it better than an Excel file or a printed table on which you make notes? I don’t know. Again, we’ll see.

If you have positive experiences with Visual CV or JibberJobber, I’d love to hear about them.