Www.resumerabbit.com looks like a new service that could be very helpful to job seekers. On it, you can post your resume “on up to 87 of the top job posting sites” and “choose from our long list of categories for online job banks.”

They claim to “save you over 60 hours of data entry time.” And you can target specific sectors or be more general in your search.

This is useful because while I recommend being specific about your intention, your desired job may show up under different categories than you use. Words mean different things to different people, so take a broad approach.

One example of how a simple change makes a big difference: On Idealist.com, you select criteria to search for non-profit jobs. You will get a different list of jobs depending on what criteria you use – even if you use the same key words. If I use “Marketing,” New York State,” and “New York City” as criteria, I’ll get a big list that might include jobs that wouldn’t appear if I used those AND “within 50 miles.”

Applying for jobs can be tedious, so it makes sense to check out Resume Rabbit and reduce data entry work load.

Caveat: This service costs money. “The normal one-time fee for Resume Rabbit is $59.95 for a one-time resume posting on up to 87 different job posting sites.”