A recruiter gives her advice on how to act as your own recruiter – because a real recruiter isn’t going to work for an individual. Recruiters work for the company that pays them.

Is it good to make yourself known to a recruiter? It can’t hurt to send a resume, to apply for something posted on their site, see if you can get a conversation on the phone or in person. However, it’s important not to expect the recruiter to help you find the right position. The recruiter is focused on filling the job before them, finding the right candidates for the employer to choose from.

Better to apply for a job you really like and then be interviewed by the recruiter. If you are memorable yet not right for the specific job, the recruiter will keep you in the back of their mind and think of you for something else.

In the meantime, these four tips are valuable.

  1. You must get out and network
  2. Focus on helping others
  3. Develop and communicate your “Brand” effectively
  4. Research companies and opportunities to “position yourself to be lucky”

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