Most job seekers want to land one job. That’s it. Not two, not ten, not twenty. One.

That’s all you have to focus on. Focus on finding that one job. It doesn’t matter if lots of people are looking, too. That’s their business. Your business is to find the one job that’s right for you.

That one job will use your skills and abilities. So your search is targeted from the get-go.

It will take a bit of searching to find that one job. Because you won’t really know if a job is right for you until you find out more about it.

Ignore jobs that don’t interest you, that won’t use your abilities, that you just couldn’t stomach. You wouldn’t get them anyway, because employers want the “right fit” employee – and you won’t be it. So the only relevant jobs are ones that will use your skills and abilities and interest you.

Likewise, ignore the overall economy. It’s just depressing to think about unemployment. I want you to focus on the 90% of people who ARE working. You could be one of those – and you will be, when you focus on finding that one job that’s  your “right fit.” Employers are always hiring, because people are always leaving jobs. Someone retires, moves, gets disabled, goes back to school, quits. It’s called attrition. And it’s your friend even in a so-called “bad” economy. Because there are functions that always have to be fulfilled. Why not with you?

Focus on finding that one job that’s right for you. Get clear about what it is and what value you’ll bring to the employer. Disregard negative thoughts and refocus on your goal. Take action toward that goal. Keep managing your thoughts and remember that you only need one job. Not more. One is manageable. One will come along that is yours. Have faith and confidence in that. Choose that attitude and it will become a reality. I’ve seen it happen over and over again for my clients. And it will happen for you.