“No one’s interviewing or hiring during the holidays.”

I’ve heard this several times this past week. I also heard “no one wants to network or do informational interviews during the holiday.”

I suggested to those people that they disregard their minds and keep on moving. All you need is a few people or a few positions.

Some places will be advertising open jobs. Some people will be open to networking and informational interviews.¬† And most important, you’ll be in action and keep your momentum going.

Reasons there may be opportunities:

  • Any business that has a fiscal year starting January 1 may need new hires in its first quarter.
  • People leave jobs at any time, and end-of-year is a good time for people to transition, so openings may come up then.
  • Smart recruiters and HR people are always on the lookout for great candidates, and if business is slower, your materials may become visible.
  • Holidays are a time when regular work can slow down and people may have time to meet with you.

Don’t let yourself¬† be discouraged by negative thinking or “no” answers to networking requests. Just keep your eyes out and keep your momentum going on your job search by staying in motion during the holidays.