Job Search Basics

Last week, several clients got interviews for jobs they want – jobs that will use their skills and expertise, and interest them.

Yay! Their cover letters and resumes told a compelling story, a story that interested the employer enough to invite them for an interview.

In prepping them for the interviews, I told each of them that the employer wants them to be “the one.”


Yes, the employer wants you to be “the one.” Or you wouldn’t have been called for an interview.

Employers comb through piles of resumes, looking for people who are potential great matches. They have high hopes for each person they interview. They are invested in one of those people being their “right fit” new employee. They need someone in that position. They experience pain because the job is vacant and the functions are only partially fulfilled. They want to hire someone – quickly.

Why not you? You have everything the employer needs – skills, talents, expertise. It’s all there in your resume. So they want you to be the one. Just as you want the job to be “the one” for you.

The question then becomes more about whether the culture is a good fit for you and for them. And that’s going to be revealed during the interview.

Now, don’t you feel a bit more confident going into that interview?