Photo Credit: DimitraTzanos via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: DimitraTzanos via Compfight cc

Born from hard experience, these affirmations do two main things for job seekers:

  • offer hope, confidence and comfort, helping you escape the anxiety and desperation that so often accompany job search
  • guide you to actions you can take to be more effective in your job search

I developed many of these for myself when I was in the middle of job searches – one search lasted 2 long years, and I definitely needed help.  Other people told me some of these, helping me reframe my mindset from “will I ever find a job?” to “I know I’ll find the right job.”  I hope they provide similar help to you.


I allow myself to have some fun so I stay balanced and happy while I search for work.

I allow myself to feel down for a little while, to vent those feelings, and then move on.

The right job is out there for me – I know it in my bones!

Every day, with every action, I get closer to landing the right job for me.

I have so much to offer, it’s inevitable that I will be working soon.

When I know what I love to do, I am assured of a way to do it.

I leave no stone unturned in my job search.

I thank people for their advice, suggestions and information, and then take what is useful for my search.

I am clear about the challenges I love to tackle, the problems I love to solve, and the impact I can make.

I know exactly how to answer the question “so what are you looking for?” so people know how they can help me.

I know that my resume presents me effectively so people know what I have done and would like to do again.

When I am stuck, I get even more specific about the impact I want to make.

I ask people for advice and guidance, not for a job. This lets them off the hook and makes me easier to help.

I love using social media to keep myself active, including writing a blog on topics relevant to my field and skills.