Job Search Basics

January 2021 and the hiring cycle is beginning again.

When you are doing all the right things, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” you land your right fit job.

Your right fit job is one where you are

  1. doing work you enjoy doing,
  2. using skills you like to use and have confidence in,
  3. having an impact that’s meaningful to you, and
  4. working in an environment that’s resonant with your values AND your working style.

You can empower yourself by identifying those elements, and being proactive in searching for jobs that look like they could fit those requirements. My book Your Right Fit Job will help you do this.

Then you prepare the “marketing materials” that position you to get your right fit job: Resume, LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letters (tailored to each job). You won’t be applying to hundreds of jobs. You’ll be specific about what you apply to, targeting only those jobs you know you are a good match for, and those jobs your network refers you to.

If you keep finding obstacles in any step of the job search process, you can intervene and fix it.

For example, if you are not getting interviews, look at your resume. Is it capturing your impact on your employer’s bottom line? Or look at your cover letter. Is it making the match between your ability to solve problems and the kind of problems that are in the job description?

If you’re getting initial interviews, but no follow-up interviews, get some interview coaching. Perhaps you need different answers to questions, or simply some rehearsal.

Keep at it and you will succeed!