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Peggy McKee is a recruiter who has several videos regarding the job search process. In this video, she gives three short tips for reducing nervousness before and during a job interview.

Each of the tips is definitely worth putting in your tool kit as a start to get ready for having great interviews.  Take each one and build on it.

For example, she recommends being prepared. What form will preparation take for you? Great preparation definitely includes reading as much as you can about the company at which you have the interview, and researching current industry trends. It means knowing your resume inside and out, and having a few stories to illustrate key points in your resume.

Preparation includes understanding how your skills and talents match up to the job in question and being able to articulate that to the interviewer. And it means anticipating questions that you are likely to be asked, then preparing short, upbeat answers to them.

Finally, great preparation includes developing your own list of questions for the interviewer, based on your “Must Have List” of what you need to do your best work and ensure a “right fit” for you in the job.