The work as I see it (mostly in this order):

  1. Zero in on what you really want to do. What do you love doing? What do you do well? In what environment and culture do you thrive? What’s your “live with” number for compensation? This is your “must have list.”
  2. Develop a final profile and resume. The profile and resume content will be linked together for a seamless document that presents you exactly as you want others to see you.
  3. Come up with your networking spiel (otherwise known as the “elevator pitch”). This is essentially your intention regarding what you want to do and what skills you want to use in service of x, y or z.
  4. Identify people with whom you can (and want to) network, and look at how to connect with people you don’t yet know. This includes using LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites.
  5. Find jobs that interest you, and decode the job description to see if, on its face, the job matches or could match a majority of your Must Have List. Job descriptions contain lots of clues to job scope and responsibility level, organizational culture, and core skills you need.
  6. Develop a powerful and persuasive cover letter “format” that will help you get interviews. Getting interviews is the only goal of the cover letter.
  7. Go through your interview concerns, perhaps including some role play for difficult questions.
  8. Talk through any issues and strategies as you move through the interview process.

You’re going to be so much more successful if you have a person to help you through this process. A coach, a friend with whom you make an agreement for weekly contact, a mentor – these are all options.