Mike tried to apply for a position with his updated resume, and to submit a cover letter.  Apparently when he applied for a similar position a few months ago, his old resume was kept on file and the software will not let him resubmit a new resume or cover letter.

Here are the two approaches I suggested:

  1. Call the office, ask to speak to someone in HR about some trouble you’re having with the website and submitting a revised resume, and then tell them about the issue.  Tell them that you have been doing additional work and want to update the resume they have on file for you but you can’t do it electronically. Does he or she have any suggestions?
  2. Find a name of someone in HR – by going to LinkedIn, the company website, calling the main number, emailing someone in HR about your problem – and simply send your materials to them.  Include a personalized short cover note explaining why you are sending them your new cover letter and resume.

I like the first option best, because you have an interaction with a human being, which is always preferable.  Sometimes you can’t get through to someone, so the second option is available.

Does anyone else have experience with this? What did you do, and how successful were you?