Have confidence that you will land the right job for you! It’s the theme of the week.

Several people have told me about the little negative, hopeless voice that plagues them. You know the one: “I’ll never find the right job!” “It’s hopeless.” “I’ve been looking so long, what’s wrong with me?” My stomach just turns over when I write these words. They are so demoralizing and depressing. And NOT TRUE!

I suggested to each person that they adopt an attitude of confidence that they will find the right job. And each one of them said “yes, I do know I will find something.” So even in the midst of their fear and quasi-despair, each person knew at a fundamental level that their search would be successful. Each person simply had to be reminded of that fact. And each immediately calmed down, leaving that space of anxiety and entering a space of serenity.

Now, each one also hedged their bets right away by saying something like “yes I know I will get the job I want BUT I don’t know when!” Somehow, it wasn’t OK for them to remain peaceful and confident. Perhaps worry feels like you’re doing something. “Well, at least I’m worrying!” It creates the illusion of activity. One of the hardest things to do is take action and let go of the results – really let go, including not worrying about the result.

Sometimes I do something and then think about it later and it occurs to me there is something more I can do. That’s different from worry and anxiety, which are simply rehashing what I did and trying to foretell the future. I stay out of the future – it’s a scary place of “I don’t know what will happen.” The present, with all its complexity, is a far more comfortable place to be.

I encourage you to quiet those anxious, hopeless voices with a few phrases:

I have done all I can with this employer. It’s now up to the universe.

If it’s the right job for me, I will get a call.

I have confidence that I put out my best effort.

I know deep down that I will get the right job for me.

I am getting closer to my desired job.

The more specific I am about what I want to do, the closer I am to getting it.

I am gathering information about my industry and field, information that helps me get clear about exactly what I want to do.

I am doing all I can to find the right job.

I am open to new ideas about where to find my “right fit” job.

I ask for help and suggestions from people who are experts.

I use information to refine my search, I don’t let it control my mood.

I have a unique set of skills and ability that will be incredibly valuable to the right employer.

I allow myself to have some fun so I stay balanced and happy while I search for work.

I read career blogs and articles to get new ideas and perspectives for my search.

It’s OK for me to feel down for a little while, as long as I vent it and then move on.

The right job is out there for me – I know it in my bones!

Every day, with every action, I get closer to landing the right job for me.

I have so much to offer, it’s inevitable that I will be working soon.

When I know what I love to do, I am assured of a way to do it.

I leave no stone unturned in my job search.

I thank people for their advice, suggestions and information, and then take what is useful for my search.

I am clear about the challenges I love to tackle, the problems I love to solve, and the impact I can make.

I know exactly how to answer the question “so what are you looking for?” so people know how they can help me.

My resume presents me effectively so people know what I have done and would like to do again.

When I am stuck, I get even more specific about the impact I want to make.

A final note about the value of being specific: My friend JY just sent me an update. I helped her figure out exactly what she wanted to do, which was very different from what she originally thought. Because of my non-profit background, JY asked me for help in switching from financial services into non-profit work. However, she was not applying for jobs or networking – even though she knew she should. We went back and reviewed her core accomplishments – things she is proudest of doing and really loved doing. Lo and behold! It turned out that what she really loves is training and development, and she’d done that in all her positions. Her new intention was to get a training and development job in financial services. Within 2 weeks, the job of Director, Training and Development opened up at her employer. And within 2 months, she was in that position. Here’s what she said:

Just checking in – I haven’t worked this hard in over a decade and I’m loving every minute. It really underscores just how important it is to be true & honest about what you want. Sounds trite but so true. Thank you again for leading me to the trough.