We’re always looking for creative ways to showcase a job applicant’s core talents and abilities.  There are many examples of how very creative people craft a visually appealing resume.  But what about the rest of us who aren’t that creative?

I have an idea for how to briefly present yourself visually to an employer – it’s untried, so I need people’s responses.

This is a Wordle Word Cloud showcasing the Core Value Proposition of a client who is a non-profit development professional.








This word cloud  It would be accompanied by a cover letter and a resume.

Or would it?

Does it tell you something about the person?  Is it useful?

Would it be too much in one package?

Could it go on top of a resume in place of a profile?

Would that create too much of a challenge for the technologically less-able?

I don’t know…I’d love people’s opinions on this!