Boston Bruins players sure have job security right now!

For those of us with regular jobs, it pays to update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

You never know when someone knocks on your door to say: “do we have the job for you!” And it helps to be prepared in case of layoff. The economy continues to be weird, so it pays to be ready for anything.

My just-let-go friend S. hit the ground running with her job search because her resume was ready. The moment she was laid off, people rushed to say “I’ll help you!” She was able to strike while those irons were hot, because she has a great resume (prepared with help from yours truly…it’s what I do, after all!).

You can be ready, too. Here are some ways.

  1. Results of your work: Keep track of your measurable accomplishments and impact, in a notebook on or off-line. Use your performance reviews as a way to keep track, too.
  2. What and How you work:  Make note of your projects, the number of people you interact with, the kinds of tasks and responsibilities you take on, the management activities you have.
  3. Network now: Look for community projects you can join – doing some volunteer and community work now, when you are working, will make it easier for you to step up those activities during a job search, as well as ensure you have a great network of people on which to call for networking help
  4. Mind – and fill – the Gap: Identify positions and industries you are interested in moving into, and determine if you have the skills and experience necessary to get those positions. If you don’t, explore ways to gain the skills at your current job, or the kind of training and education you will need to be more competitive.
  5. Act NOW! Revise your resume at least every six months – or when you feel nervous about your job. My sister calls it “getting the bad smell” – when you sense that things are not going well for your company or for you in your job.  If you “get the bad smell,” take action to update things.

How are you keeping your resume and skills up to date?