On a resume, I advocate having a profile. It appears just under your name and contact information, and is 3 to 4 lines long. Its purpose is to summarize your core value proposition – in other words,

  • What you do really well and want to do again.
  • What distinguishes you from other people.
  • A dollop of your personality.

It’s the thesis, the core concept that you will go about proving in the resume to follow. Everything you say in the profile can be substantiated when people look at your bullets of accomplishments. And when they meet you, you seem familiar because they caught a glimpse of personality in your judiciously chosen adjectives.

Here are profile examples (feel free to use any language here in your own profile):

PROFILE: Progressive, intuitive executive leader. Sound, resourceful decision-maker skilled at identifying and successful solving organizational problems. Strong analytical, organizational and long range planning abilities. Excellent communicator accomplished at establishing rapport and credibility among diverse internal and external constituencies.

PROFILE: Accomplished, entrepreneurial leader. Articulate, effective change agent. Gifted fundraiser and dynamic, engaging spokesperson. Practical, discerning visionary with track record of managing increased scope and complexity in diverse non-profit organizations.

PROFILE: Accomplished, strategic marketing professional able to exceed revenue goals and develop new audiences for world class non-profit institutions. Skilled in strategic planning and brand articulation. Strong, creative communicator with impeccable copywriting and editing abilities.

PROFILE: Resourceful, seasoned relationship-builder with deep knowledge of finance and operations of non-profit industry. Extensive, highly varied experience in leading teams and producing projects aligned with business goals. Creative, analytical and skilled communicator.

PROFILE: Insightful, creative producer adept at conceptualizing, developing and managing media projects. Intuitive team player, proficient at initiating and guiding complex projects. Experienced in hiring and supervising producers, crews, vendors and consultants. Resourceful, sensible, calm under pressure, and comfortable working with all levels of talent and leadership.

PROFILE: Experienced, entrepreneurial leader with track record of successful program start-ups and expansion. Exceptional manager and relationship builder. Skilled planner and effective change agent. Committed to finding win-win solutions, exceeding organizational goals, and enabling growth.

PROFILE: Engaging, results-focused human resources professional adept at developing and implementing efficient and effective organizational development and change management systems. Successful leader of collaborative teams that solve problems in diverse business and organizational conditions.

PROFILE: Collaborative, outcome-driven strategic thinker and social entrepreneur. Capable team leader who develops talent to “do more with less” and deliver results. Clear communicator who leads with respect, passion, and integrity.

PROFILE: Versatile, skilled team leader who develops creative solutions aligned with organizational priorities. Adept at planning and collaborating with external and internal constituents from all walks of life. Resourceful in managing complex projects under tight deadlines.

PROFILE: Results-oriented, creative manager with broad business acumen and talent for interfacing with senior leadership. Consistently strategic and energetic professional able to collaborate across divisions to assess processes, find solutions and achieve extraordinary results efficiently and effectively.

PROFILE: Strategic, growth-focused marketing and communications executive able to collaborate in challenging situations and improve bottom line results. Hands-on problem solver skilled in developing and implementing multi-platform initiatives to raise the institutional profile.

PROFILE: Motivated effective leader with strong track record in resolving legal and operational challenges. Hands-on practitioner of organization and management development methods. Proven track record in achieving operational transformations. Significant non-profit fundraising experience.

PROFILE: Strategic, deliberate leader able to create sustainable systems and generate results. Intuitive, candid manager with extraordinary capacity to leverage individual skills and resources for team results. Talent for building and maintaining relationships and community.

PROFILE: Dynamic communicator and outstanding relationship manager, skilled at working with diverse clients and staff in legal and financial realms. Motivated, resourceful and committed leader of complex projects with tight deadlines. Collaborative team member able to do whatever it takes to succeed.

PROFILE: Self-motivated, results-oriented fundraiser who exceeds challenging goals and increases revenue. Adept at identifying and appropriately cultivating new prospects. Multi-skilled, flexible manager able to work effectively with all from front-line staff to C-level.

PROFILE: Experienced, energetic leader with track record of significantly improving management and fiscal operations. Dynamic, engaging spokesperson, presenter, workshop leader, and facilitator. Skilled broker of consensus. Results driven capacity builder.

Exceptions to the 3-4 line rule:

PROFILE: Exceptionally effective, entrepreneurial leader with extensive capacity to attract and develop human and financial capital, build strategic relationships, manage transitions, and produce optimal results. Highly collaborative with broad corporate, non-profit, government and philanthropic network. Particularly skilled in turnarounds and strategic restructuring, cross-cultural environments, constituency-building, strategic direction and organizational alignment.

PROFILE: Dynamic, versatile marketing and communications professional with vision, leadership and tenacity to create and implement successful ongoing marketing and communication programs. Track record of establishing and promoting an effective brand and crafting programs that capture market share and achieve revenue goals. Strong ability to build and sustain new business relationships, adapt to diverse environments, and motivate employee loyalty.