Photo Credit: Daveybot via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Daveybot via Compfight cc

“Cats have 9 lives.”

“Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back.”

Cats want to know about everything.  I have 2.  They are always looking out the windows to see what’s going on outside.  And both sniff and paw at grocery bags, packages, boxes, flowers, and other things I bring in from the outside.  Sometimes they get caught in the bag handle and a whirl of cat and bag create a noisy and funny sight.  Sometimes they tip over the vase with flowers and I have to sop up water.  Despite these occasional mishaps, the cats are reassured and no longer anxious because they have thoroughly inspected and become familiar with their environment.  Satisfying their curiosity is worth the trouble.


Increase your value to employers by cultivating the same attitude of curiosity about your environment.  Try these for a start:

  • the field and industry you are in
  • your employer and potential employers
  • the competitive landscape
  • social and economic trends that affect your industry
  • technology’s impact on your field
  • key players in the industry and company

Here are 9 results you’ll get from being curious about your work world:

  1.  Target companies for which you want to work and learn about their products, results, culture and goals.
  2. Identify skills that are needed in your chosen field and make sure you have or can get them.
  3. See where the industry is going and how you can prepare yourself for the future, through classes and career-ladder jobs.
  4. Clarify what part of the industry or field you want to target, and be more specific – thus more effective – in your search.
  5. Find people you know or want to know in your field, and follow them on social media.
  6. Prepare yourself for interviews, especially increasing your confidence because of your increased knowledge.
  7. Demonstrate your knowledge of the field by posting on social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter.
  8. Understand how your skills can help companies respond to emerging trends, and position yourself accordingly.
  9. Establish a solid knowledge base you can continue to develop throughout your career, as well as use in your current job.

Most employers want to hire someone who is knowledgeable about their company, their field, and the requirements of the position.  And they really love hiring people who know themselves – their top skills, the impact they have, how they can contribute – and who will deliver value as the company moves forward by continuing to learn.

By learning constantly, driven by your curiosity, you’ll be a more attractive candidate.