Looking for a job requires a lot of effort. Why not direct your efforts most effectively?

Target your search to jobs that use your talents and skills. You’ll stand a better chance of getting what you want.

Here’s why:

1. Get Good Help: You make it easier for people to help you when you know what you want. People can refer you to people who can help you in your target industry/occupation instead of helping you figure out what you want to do.

2. Market Yourself Effectively: You will be able to write powerful cover letters that truthfully & accurately match your abilities to the job requirements.

3. Convey Self-Confidence: Your confidence in your abilities – based in real accomplishments and not BS – impresses both those who want to help you and potential employers.

4. Be Found: Your resume will contain key words that will help you be found by recruiters, when you post it to LinkedIn, Monster, Idealist.org (for non-profit jobs), and other sites.

5. Find Right Fit Jobs: You can find jobs that use your abilities, skills, talents by using them as key words to search LinkedIn & other job boards.

Use my system to identify your Core Value Proposition – those skills and abilities you enjoy, do well, and want to do again – so you can target your job search to those jobs where your Core Value Proposition is EXACTLY what the employer needs. My e-book contains the tools and directions you need.