Photo Credit: ali eminov via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ali eminov via Compfight cc

Some people seem to get a new job pretty easily, while others seem to get stuck. Why are some people JOB FINDERS, instead of always JOB SEEKERS?

After talking with many job seekers over the years, I’ve identified some of the characteristics of those who succeed.  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  Persistence. The people who succeed never give up.  They just keep going. They may get depressed and frustrated, even have moments of despair. Yet they keep going.  Their mood does not determine their actions.  They recognize that this may be a long journey, and they are committed to doing whatever it takes to get that job.

2.  Confidence. Successful job seekers think of themselves as job finders – that it’s just a matter of time before they land the job they want. They have confidence that they will find that job. Of course they have doubts and fears, yet those do not control them.  Successful job finders take action while acknowledging their feelings.

3. Flexibility. Job finders adapt their approach and attitude based on what works. They achieve their goal by going “over, under, around or through.” If the first approach doesn’t work, they try another.  They ask for help from experts and from people who have succeeded in finding jobs. They understand that they don’t know everything and are willing to learn.

4. Focus on a Specific Goal. Job finders are focused on their goal and are determined to achieve it.  They are specific about what they want and keep their actions aligned with reaching their goal.  With that focus, new actions and paths become known to them. They are willing to step outside their comfort zone in order to reach the goal. Opportunities appear as they view the world in terms of the lens of their goal.

Do you have these qualities? If so, then you know it’s just a matter of time. If not, work on developing these qualities.

Is it easy to cultivate these qualities? Not always.

I had a 2 year long job search in my early 30’s, and eventually came to embrace these qualities.  I had to develop a new mental habit.  This meant becoming conscious of my old way of thinking – a way of thinking that led to frustration, depression, anger, and despair.  I came to recognize those feelings as symptoms of the old way of thinking.  Then I consciously chose to think another way.

  • When my mind said “I’ll never find a job!” I replaced that thought with “you will find a job. It’s a matter of when, not if!”
  • When my mind said “You don’t have all the qualifications for that job so don’t apply and you won’t be disappointed” I replaced that thought with “I have many of the qualifications AND I’m interested, so let me apply and see what happens.”
  • When my mind said “See? I didn’t get an interview so I shouldn’t have applied” I replaced that thought with “This is good market feedback, how can I use it to give myself a better chance next time?”

You too can cultivate more encouraging and empowering thoughts.  Eventually, it was more common for me to feel optimistic and be able to turn my mood around.  And finally, I did get the job I wanted, two long years later.  A job that was well worth waiting for!