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What Salary Should I Ask For? Can I Negotiate?

What Salary Should I Ask For? Can I Negotiate?

On my college’s LinkedIn page, a discussion is going on about salary negotiation. I start this way to do 2 things: tell you that LinkedIn is a place for you to get great information and advice from alums from your college introduce my thoughts about compensation, salary ranges, and negotiating for pay. Let the employer... ...Continue Reading

Always Be Winning: Using Negotiation Skills at Work

Negotiation happens all the time at work. Using principles from such negotiating masters as William Ury (Getting Past No and Getting to Yes), we can be more effective at work. My client S. is a hospital Director of Marketing who is responsible for projects that depend on other people to do things. One example is a Physician... ...Continue Reading

Setting Salary Expectations

Right now, employers hold most of the cards in salary negotiations. Websites like and point out that now is the time to get top-notch talent for relative bargain prices. “Relative” is the key word here. Because most employers know that people who accept pay well below their desired salary will end up resentful... ...Continue Reading

Salary Information

Here’s a new job search site that provides information on salaries for specific jobs at specific employers: I typed in “Director of Marketing” and the site returned 178 salary results (at 154 companies) around the US, and 26 in New York City. NYC salaries ranged from $305,000 to $40,000. The site also returned results... ...Continue Reading

Discussing Salary

A friend is talking to an HR person today about a job possibility and she wrote me this question: What if salary comes up? I know the ballpark number from my friend, but I am loathe to talk about that now. How do I get out of it gracefully? Or should I? Regarding salary, most employers now... ...Continue Reading