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Behavior Interview Questions

OK, you’ve made it past the initial resume screening and now have an interview. It could be in person or on the phone. (More and more interviews are on the phone now, and I’ve heard of Skype interviews also – better dress up for that one!) The point of an interview is to explore two... ...Continue Reading

Effective Support for Haiti

I have given to several requests for funds to help people hurt by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Here’s where and why: because it’s a Twitter- and Facebook-powered fundraising mechanism, showing how social media can be used as another method for inviting people to be part of making the world a better place. Their... ...Continue Reading

Employer Encourages Targeting Your Search

On a recent job posting, I saw the employer included this at the end: We Recommend Candidates develop a thorough understanding of Goldstar’s business before applying. Candidates read this job description carefully, ask questions if necessary, and honestly assess their fit and interest before applying. Candidates devote thought before applying to the specific ways in... ...Continue Reading

FAQ #10: How to Get Interviews

Question: I’ve sent out so many resumes and never get an interview. What can I do differently? While there is never a guarantee that you will get an interview, people who do these things have a much better track record of getting interviews: Apply only for jobs for which you are qualified, using the job... ...Continue Reading

Listing Degrees After Your Name

I just got a question from a woman about whether to add “PMP” after her name. She asked specifically about LinkedIn. The question also is relevant to resumes. Here’s part of my answer: You can add it to your name, but I don’t think it adds too much and could result in people pigeon-holing you... ...Continue Reading

FAQ #7: Why LinkedIn?

Several people have asked “Does it really matter if I have a LinkedIn profile? It seems like a repetition of my resume. Do employers even look at it?” Yes, it really matters to have a LinkedIn profile. And the best profiles are factually the same as your resume. More and more, employers DO check your... ...Continue Reading

The Secret to Great Cover Letters

The secret to cover letters is to make them as targeted as possible to the employer you are looking at. Two things to focus on: Why you want to work there – the kind of work it is, the wonderful things about the place, the challenges of the job that appeal to you What value... ...Continue Reading

FAQ #1: Specificity Breeds Success

The most frequently asked question I get is this: Why do you recommend being specific about the job I want? Many people tell me I should be more general. Being specific about the job you want allows you to look more effectively at the job marketplace, and it enables other people to help you. You’re... ...Continue Reading

Your Own Business Might Be What You Love

I got a question about whether starting your own business is a way to do the kind of work you love. It definitely is, as long as you understand what goes into being an entrepreneur and business owner. Decide what ONE idea you will pursue. Just as in a job search, you’ll need to decide... ...Continue Reading

Removing all obstacles to getting your next job

I’m becoming more aware of how important it is that we do all we can to demonstrate that we are ready to make our next move. Demonstrate what and to whom? Well, demonstrate to the universe, to ourselves and our friends and family, and to prospective employers and clients – that we have the necessary... ...Continue Reading

Frequently Asked Questions

As many of you know, I have written an e-book called Your ‘Right Fit’ Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love. In it, I lay out a step-by-step process for identifying the kind of work you really want to do and then preparing the marketing plan and materials to secure that work. Over time, I’ve... ...Continue Reading

Getting Un-Stuck in Your Job Search

If you find yourself getting stuck in your search, you may have missed some piece of the process and have not zeroed in on EXACTLY what you want to do. You may be too general, talking in theory about the kind of work you want to do instead of the exact impact you want to... ...Continue Reading
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