4698601446_384abe0af8To reignite my passion for what I do every day:

Sometimes I need a nap.

Sometimes I need to take a walk.

Sometimes I need to play and totally forget about work for a while.

Sometimes I need to talk to someone who reminds me that what I do is valuable.

Sometimes I need to reflect on who I am helping, the purpose of my work.

Sometimes I just need to start doing it again so I remember how wonderful it feels to be in the flow and have a day fly by.

And sometimes, I need a retreat from the world (aka a vacation or “mental health day”) to do a little writing and thinking about what excites me recently about what I do. The itch to do something new manifests itself first as loss of interest in what I’m currently doing.

And if I go away to another location and completely forget about work, my subconscious is always working on the questions I put to it, and I return with some answers.

Then it is helpful for me to talk with a coach or mentor or close friend or colleague about my questions and allow them to help me get to the next phase in my development.