Now available is my e-book Your “Right Fit” Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love.

The guide is like having me coach you through your job search process. You will follow the same step-by-step process I use with people who get the jobs they really want.

Your “Right Fit” Job is based on two main premises.

The first is that you can get work you really love to do. If you’re already searching for work, you know that job search is a long and sometimes painful slog. I say that if you are already working hard, you might as well devote that energy to getting the best possible outcome.

That leads to the second premise: job search is essentially a marketing campaign, where you are the “product” and the specific kind of work is your “market.” Successful marketers know their product and target market really well. Using Your “Right Fit” Job, you will get to know yourself extremely well, including your “core value proposition” – what you offer employers that is unique to you and very valuable to them. You also will know what kind of job or work you want – where and how you will do your best work and be happiest. Being very specific will help you find a job.

Then I will help you develop really effective marketing materials (resume, cover letter, 5-second intention statement aka “elevator speech”)and a networking strategy to help you get interviews. The guide gives great advice on how to handle interviews, especially difficult questions. I also include suggestions for how to battle “job search fatigue.”

I believe that when you do your “right fit” work, you will be happy at work. And when you’re happy at work, you’ll be happier in life. Use Your “Right Fit” Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love to direct your job search efforts most effectively and find the “right fit” for you.

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