The digital revolution is producing jobs in industries that never before existed. eSports is one of them. I am intrigued by the opportunities that exist in this industry to use both digital and traditional work skills, and to channel a passion for sports, gaming, and competitive events.

Thinking about a new job? Think about eSports.

Are you a gaming fan and looking to switch your job? eSports may something for you. We are not recommending that you switch to playing games but in fact to apply for the many amazing job opportunities that are available now in this lucrative industry.

eSports now has multi-million dollars associated with its events as players from all around the world come to participate and win incredible prizes. And as these events grow in size and viewership, so does the need for smart, intuitive and intelligent talent that can help the many organizations involved in supporting these huge events.

Games like Overwatch have greatly expanded the audience and interest in these games. Professional players have their own fan following on social media which means even more people are finding about the tournaments every day.

This means that serious planning has to be carried out for these events to be successful.

You will now find numerous career opportunities that range from marketing to event planning. These high paying jobs also offer the thrill and exhilarating experience of eSports as you will be working with the top games, professional players and very competitive matches. So what are you waiting for?

If you want to learn more, check out the following infographic by Computer Planet which lists some of the best jobs in eSports industry (salaries are listed in British pounds; to arrive at US $, multiply by 1.32 as of July 1, 2017; e.g. £25,000 = $33,000)