Summer can be hard on job seekers, and several people have been discouraged by, among other things, lack of response to their LinkedIn networking requests.

It reminded me that job search requires stamina and skill in several different areas – sort of like a triathlete has to master three different sports and build up their stamina.  Here’s a letter I wrote to one person as encouragement:

I’m glad you’ve been applying for jobs. That kind of consistent action puts great energy into the universe and allows things to start happening.

The results from LinkedIn are not a surprise to me as people are building networks without really knowing everyone in them. So at least they are honest and won’t promise something they can’t deliver.

Remember, LinkedIn networking is just part of an overall networking strategy – the other networking has to be done in person, just like you are doing with your cousin.Who else do you know who you can ask for advice and guidance on your search? Even if they can’t give you much input, maybe they know someone you could talk to. It’s people who know your work, your character, your values who will refer you on.

Also remember it’s their name that they’re putting out there – you represent them and their judgment. Some people make it a rule never to recommend or refer anyone because they want to safeguard their reputation. That means nothing about you. So if someone doesn’t help, simply move on to the next person. Be like Teflon and don’t let emotions like anger, resentment, disappointment and hurt stick to you – because they’ll bring you down and impede your progress.

You know, job search is a combination of action and attitude. We need to know the right actions to take and we need to manage our emotions and attitude toward our search. One affects the other – if I feel down and take an action, I tend to feel better about myself and that gives me strength to take another action. When the actions lead to a dead end of some sort, it’s natural to feel deflated, and it takes some time to adjust to the idea that there are other possibilities for me to pursue.

I have adapted the saying “when one door closes, another opens” to say “and there’s a dark hallway in between, that has a number of doors and windows that I will feel and check to see if they are the right place for me.” Every step is a step closer to your goal…it’s hard to keep that faith, which is why it’s called “faith” – belief in something without proof or tangible evidence.

So leave no stone unturned! Apply for that job. Send your cover letter to your cousin’s contact.  Sending her the cover letter will alert her to the fact that you have other avenues for finding jobs, yet would still appreciate her help if she wants to give it.  Persistence is a great attribute to have in a job search!

Attitude, action, applying, persistence, networking, leaving no stone unturned, having faith and confidence that you’ll find your “right fit” work: these are the elements of successful job search. At least a triathlon!