I rarely recommend a book so this has to be a good one.   And it is!

British businessman James Caan has written a fantastic book about how to Get the Job You Really Want, and I highly recommend it.  He spent years building a recruiting business, so he knows about the hiring process from many angles.  The book contains practical suggestions and anecdotes that illustrate his points.

When I started reading it, I highlighted important concepts and dog-eared the pages – and then I stopped doing it because I realized that the entire book is valuable.  Of course, I like the book in part because he and I agree on so many points.  The concepts are universal, whether you are in the US or in the UK, as Mr. Caan is.

He is especially helpful in addressing how to prepare for an interview and the kind of research you should do. Tips about how you present yourself are also valuable.

There’s a Kindle version and a paperback version.  Take your pick. It’s fairly short.  This may be one of the plainest speaking, most helpful books you’ll read – well worth the $10 investment.