Photo Credit: Flооd via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Flооd via Compfight cc

A client asked a question that affects many job seekers:

I was hoping you could help me figure something out on the job application.
When applying on line, there is not a specific opportunity to submit a cover letter. At the very bottom of the application page, there is a section for “comments.” Would you recommend still drafting a cover letter and including it there? 
My thought is that without a specific place for a cover letter, they are indiciating that they don’t want one. 
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s what I suggest others:  make your cover letter the first page of your resume.

Even if an employer doesn’t ask for one, you MUST send one because it is the only place you can make the match between your skills/experience/results and the position responsibilities and desired outcomes.

While an employer may not ask for one, my guess is that it is simply because they are using an applicant tracking system that doesn’t allow for them.  Having the cover letter as the first page of your resume package means it will at least be seen.

I’d say in “comments” that you have included a cover letter and that your resume starts on page 2 of your application package.