Here’s a living example of how I guided someone through the questions in the Must Have List, to help her identify what she wants to do next in her work life.

What AC Wants
Say in policy & ownership

  • Recognition and appreciation of her value & skill
  • Authority and responsibility to determine path
  • Leeway to adjust
  • Shared ultimate responsibility

Reasonable schedule
Combine practical tasks with relationship building

  • Be organized
  • Talk to people
  • Small things toward a much bigger goal – steps toward achieving goal

People she respects and likes
Dance (but not ballet)

  • Possibly more than one company

Well-paid, good benefits

  • $100k
  • Way to make as much as she wants to afford a house and car and put some away for retirement

Based on this list, and looking at where she naturally goes, a few things became apparent. First, it seems that she is very senior in her industry, and that she is the peer of many of the power players. Second, she is sick of working for people less able than she is. Third, she craves diverse and varied work. Fourth, she really likes having a substantial positive impact without having the entire financial responsibility for a company on her shoulders. So here’s the possibility that emerged:

Go into business for herself as independent producer and/or company manager with several clients at a time. This is a way to make money and have a broader positive impact.

Obviously, there is a difference between going into business for yourself and working for a salary. I’ll address Becoming A Consultant in another post.