Two weeks ago, a client began her dream job.  She wrote to me that she actually had two job offers, both of which would use her skills and abilities in work she believed in.  This is a woman who found it difficult to find a temporary job.  So what made the difference? Here’s what she said:

“I owe my dramatic change in my career to your coaching.  You helped me in an area I was extremely lacking, confidence.”

I was thrilled to read this, because that’s the unseen result of working with me to find your “right fit job.” It all begins with knowing yourself really well, well enough that you are confident in your abilities.

Here’s a great blog post by HR expert and recruiter Victorio Milian, about expertise being attractive to hiring managers and recruiters. I like the post because he gives real examples, which helps people see how to apply his recommendations.Confidence makes a huge difference in finding your “right fit work.”

How do you develop confidence? Emphasize what you know to be true about your strengths, abilities and impact – when you write cover letters, are interviewed, assess job possibilities, evaluate job offers. From self-knowledge comes confidence.

Knowing what you do really well and owning it – that’s your power source for being confident, which then is perceived as strength by others. we all of us do some things really well and bring certain traits and behaviors to the table. So own those, and celebrate them as your unique constellation of value, your contribution to an employer. Such self-knowledge is the heart of your “personal brand” which is the foundation of marketing yourself.

You can learn how to identify and own your strengths and Core Value Proposition by reading my eBook.  Good career coaches also will help you do this. If you like questionnaires, there are so many methods for identifying your strengths: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Gallup Strengths Finder, Enneagram, and more.

The point is to identify and feel confident in your abilities, and then go from there to find the right fit work where you can use your abilities.  Confidence Works!