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How to Reach Your Dream Work While Paying the Bills

How to Reach Your Dream Work While Paying the Bills

It is possible to pay the bills while moving toward your dream work: follow a Dual Path. “Dual Path” job search means to do a J.O.B. while you take the steps to do what you love. I’ve done this myself, and coach others to do this. A few things to remember: It takes time to... ...Continue Reading
How to Deal with Not Getting a Job You REALLY Want

How to Deal with Not Getting a Job You REALLY Want

A client just heard she didn’t make it to the next round of interviews for a job she was really interested in and for which she is totally qualified.  This has happened to quite a few people. Often in the beginning of searches, a job comes along that you think is EXACTLY THE ONE!!! And... ...Continue Reading
Want a Job You Love? Read This.

Want a Job You Love? Read This.

I coach people to find their “right fit” work – work that makes you happy. I’ve long known that when I’m happy at work, I’m happy in the rest of my life. And the system I use is one designed to help you find what makes you happiest, so you can find work that allows... ...Continue Reading
Transitioning into a New Career or Field

Transitioning into a New Career or Field

Last week, a client started her new job in a new field. It took her about 4 months to make the transition – from being laid off in her old field to landing a job in her new field. Yes, that is fast! I have helped other people make transitions to other fields and it... ...Continue Reading

Succeed by Managing Stress When You Start Your New Job

A new Executive Director of a large NYC non-profit is completely swamped, and is not taking time for coaching – even though she knows it might help her.  Here’s what I reminded her about: “When you started in this position, you and those around you understandably felt like the problems now can finally be solved…and... ...Continue Reading

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job Offer

Employers want to hire people who want to work for them. How can you show you are this person, while still evaluating the position to see if it meets your Must Have List? I recommend that you use your curiosity to continue gathering information. Be genuinely interested in learning more about it. Use words in... ...Continue Reading

How (and Why) to Manage Up (and Sideways)

Do you have a great boss? A terrible boss? Annoying co-workers? OK co-workers? Whatever they are like, you have to figure out how to work effectively with all of them.  And effectively means you are meeting your own agenda, as well as theirs.  “Managing up” is a strategy for keeping your boss happy so you... ...Continue Reading

Help! I’m Dying Here!

Have you ever felt like that in your job? One of my clients just said this to me. My answer was “we can’t have that!” How awful is it for someone – even you – to feel like their job is killing them. Slowly, day by day, being ground down, boxed in, diminished, disempowered, devalued…until... ...Continue Reading

Looking for Work When You Have a Job

I learned today that a huge percent of people employed today plan to look for different jobs in 2011. Because the economy’s been so bad, many people have stayed in jobs far longer than they would have pre-2008’s financial meltdown. Now, even though job growth isn’t as great as we wish, there are more jobs... ...Continue Reading

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Job?

Here’s a blog post that answers that question, from the blog “What Would Dad Say” by GL Hoffman. GL has a spot-on irreverence that I value greatly. I have included only the first five answers to the question “why is it so hard to get a job?” If you want to see the other answers,... ...Continue Reading

Job Search “Must Have” List

I created this list to help people zero in on what they want in a job or work.  When you know what you want, it is far easier to develop a plan to get there. This is a list of aspects of a job or work that you MUST have.  This is not “want to... ...Continue Reading

Job Interview Tips That Work

I had to share this article by Adam Waxler: “12 Job Interview Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Interview!” So you’ve written and re-written your resume and cover letter countless times…you’ve used every trick in the book to make your resume and cover letter stand out. You’ve finally sent them out to get your... ...Continue Reading