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Frustrated with Job Search and Recruiter Rudeness? Empower Yourself With Information.

“Employers are so rude! No one gets back to me even after an interview.” I hear this all the time. It’s hard not to get angry or feel rejected. Yet those responses are “victim” responses, based on fear and insecurity. Instead, get more information about how the hiring process works in today’s still-tight job market.... ...Continue Reading

Get FEAR out of the Way: How to Ask for Help With Your Job Search

It’s all well and good for people to say “network to find your job.” Many people think they don’t know how to network, or they are afraid of networking. Sometimes it’s not fear of networking, it’s fear because you don’t know what to say. HOW do you do it? What do you say to people?... ...Continue Reading

Boston Bruins Win Stanley Cup…and A Little Job Security: 5 Ways to Help Yourself Feel More Secure.

Boston Bruins players sure have job security right now! For those of us with regular jobs, it pays to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. You never know when someone knocks on your door to say: “do we have the job for you!” And it helps to be prepared in case of layoff. The economy... ...Continue Reading

Help Me Help You Find Your “Right Fit” Job: Take My Survey!

I love to help people discover what they really love to do, and then market themselves to get that kind of work – whether it’s a job or starting a business. My goal is to help you get the kind of work you want, and help you clear the obstacles from your path to your... ...Continue Reading

How to Get Positive Attention from Recruiters: Listen When They Speak

Recruiters tell you what you should do if you want to get a job. A recruiter ranted on LinkedIn the other day about cover letters: I just rejected 4 candidates in a row for their cover letter not matching the opportunity for which they are applying. One wanted a job as a store manager (we... ...Continue Reading

How to Find a Career You Love, Based on Your Strengths

If you are like most people, you want to say those words with a straight face, and mean them. It is possible when you look for jobs and build a career based on your natural strengths and talents. I call this your “right fit” work. Just as there are clothes that fit us better, so... ...Continue Reading

Tell me…do you like what you do for money?

...Continue Reading

Caution: If You’re Not a Rock Star, Maybe LinkedIn’s Skills Section Isn’t For You Yet

Oh joy. LinkedIn has added a Skills section for your profile. It’s a new section so it’s still optional.  LinkedIn is pitching it as a great way to showcase your skills. I decided to enter my skills in as a road test of sorts.  Based on this, I recommend: Decide what you think your core skills... ...Continue Reading

WIIFM: a Short Interview Tip

WIIFT. What’s in it for them? A client has an interview today. We’ve done a lot of prep especially anticipating difficult questions and coming up with answers that are a) true, so easy to remember and say naturally b) phrased in positive terms so the takeaway is positive.  Also, he has some stories to tell... ...Continue Reading