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Top 4 Characteristics of Successful Job Finders

Some people seem to get a new job pretty easily, while others seem to get stuck. Why are some people JOB FINDERS, instead of always JOB SEEKERS? After talking with many job seekers over the years, I’ve identified some of the characteristics of those who succeed.  Here they are in no particular order: 1.  Persistence. The... ...Continue Reading

The One Thing All Employers (and Clients) Want

Focus on solutions, not problems. Solving problems is the one thing all employers – and clients – want. In the world of work, I find two things to be true: Employers want a job candidate who can solve their problems Bosses or co-workers want someone who comes up with the solution to whatever problem they... ...Continue Reading

How Questions Can Reduce Frustration at Work

A number of people have come to me talking about difficult work environments, and asking for help with coping strategies. The first thing I do is ask them to explain what’s going on. This usually involves some venting of emotions (the topic I addressed yesterday), along with the explanation of certain facts. As Dawn and... ...Continue Reading

How to Make a Resume that Works for HR

Many people write resumes as if they are talking to the experts in their particular field. They use jargon, buzz words, technical terms, shorthand, and formats that are usually easily understood by their colleagues, yet almost incomprehensible to the average person. For example, an architect created a resume that looked elegant and toed the line... ...Continue Reading

How to Get Promoted at Work

The single piece of advice I give to people who want to get promoted is “do the job you currently have extremely well.” When you show that you take your current work seriously, you inspire confidence that you can handle more. Rather than scorning your position, you embrace it. You do it wholeheartedly. And you... ...Continue Reading

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job Offer

Employers want to hire people who want to work for them. How can you show you are this person, while still evaluating the position to see if it meets your Must Have List? I recommend that you use your curiosity to continue gathering information. Be genuinely interested in learning more about it. Use words in... ...Continue Reading

Five Quick Tips for Effective Networking

Networking to find a job is very effective.  It works especially well when you make it easy for your network to help you.  Here are some tips to do it for the best results. 1.  Start with your “natural network.” You have good friends, former colleagues, current colleagues you trust completely, and family members. These are... ...Continue Reading
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