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Great Leaders Use Active Listening

Active listening is one of the most valuable tools in a leader’s toolbox. Active listening is when one elicits content from another person, gaining their information, skills, perspective, opinion, emotion. Active listening empowers other people, making them feel valued – as in fact they are by a leader who employs the skill of active listening.... ...Continue Reading

How to Answer Difficult Job Interview Questions

The most difficult interview questions are the ones you aren’t prepared to answer. So be prepared! Anticipate that there WILL be difficult questions. Often, these questions fall into these categories. 1. Questions you wish won’t be asked because you haven’t come to terms with or become comfortable with the answers. These include “why did you leave your last job?”... ...Continue Reading

How to Get Job Interviews When You Don’t Know Anyone at the Company

Several of my clients have gotten jobs they really wanted and like – after applying cold through a job posting. I can hear some of you saying, “Huh???” Yes, we are told constantly by people in the career advising world that the best way to get a job is through networking. I tell you and my... ...Continue Reading

What Work Do You Want to Do?

If you are just discovering what you really want to do for work, you are not alone. According to this article on, most people learn what they want they want to do “when they grow up” when they are grown up. In a survey conducted by British independent education foundation Edge, less than one-third (31... ...Continue Reading

Successful Job Search is NOT All Work and No Play

I coach job seekers who feel they cannot take any time off from the search or they will miss an opportunity. They are aided in this thinking by those who say “you must make job seeking a full-time job!” The implication is that if you don’t push yourself hard, you won’t find a job. Add... ...Continue Reading

As Donald Trump Says: Love Your Work!

People sometimes challenge me when I suggest that they look for their “right fit” work – work they love to do, using their favorite skills and natural talents – work that fits them like a glove and that doesn’t feel like work. “But I need to make money!” is the usual objection. My response: “who... ...Continue Reading

How to Prepare for Job Interviews by Writing Out Your Answers

Look on Google, YouTube and Facebook and you will find so much great advice about preparing for job interviews. Use the information to help yourself ace your next job interview. There are sites that list the most likely questions to be asked, and others that guide you to develop answers to those questions.  There are... ...Continue Reading

Looking for Work When You Have a Job

I learned today that a huge percent of people employed today plan to look for different jobs in 2011. Because the economy’s been so bad, many people have stayed in jobs far longer than they would have pre-2008’s financial meltdown. Now, even though job growth isn’t as great as we wish, there are more jobs... ...Continue Reading

Find More Jobs by Using More Key Words in Your Search

I found this great article by Melanie Szlucha about using key words strategically to help you find jobs. It’s short and to the point. After you read it, see what I say about this in terms of “right fit” work. This week’s I did what felt like a million consultations with people who saw me... ...Continue Reading

Job Search Must: LinkedIn Profile

Four recruiters and four screening interviews. Two recruiters and two phone interviews, plus lunch with a connected colleague. An informal reference check. These are the recent results when 3 jobseekers updated their LinkedIn profiles, to better reflect exactly what they want to do next and the skills/talents they want to use in their next gig.... ...Continue Reading