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Resumes That Work

Here’s how to make your resume an effective marketing document – marketing YOU and your abilities to a prospective employer. Your resume is a marketing document. Its job is to position you to get your “right fit” work. Thus, its content and format is crucial. It must convey to potential employers exactly what you have... ...Continue Reading

Show Your Impact

It’s critical to include accomplishments in your resume. Here is a simple way to identify them. Make a four column, four row table. On top of the columns, list these questions across the table (one per column). What did you succeed at or accomplish? When, where and with who did you do this? How did... ...Continue Reading

Improving a Good Cover Letter

Last week, I read a cover letter that was pretty good at explaining the applicant’s credentials for the position. While I didn’t see the job description, I presumed that the specific job called for the various skills and experience the person cited. That’s good, because key word searches use the job description as a starting... ...Continue Reading

What Are the Right Jobs for You?

What if you have lots of skills and abilities? How do you get specific about what you want to do? Instead of thinking about the kind of job you want, think about the skills you love to use and the impact you want to have. You can do lots of things. However, there are some... ...Continue Reading

Now Available: Free E-Book to Finding Your “RightFit” Job

Now available is my e-book Your “Right Fit” Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love. The guide is like having me coach you through your job search process. You will follow the same step-by-step process I use with people who get the jobs they really want. Your “Right Fit” Job is based on two main... ...Continue Reading

Gather Information to Improve Your Job Search Results

You had your heart set on getting that job! It was your dream job. And they turned you down. Disappointed? Yes. Crushed? Probably. Deflated? In all likelihood. A little despairing? Maybe. Curious? I urge you to adopt this attitude even as you are having all the other feelings. This might even be good news! While... ...Continue Reading

Many Jobs: A Good Thing!

I just read a note from Mark Cenedella at The Ladders who said he’s had 27 jobs. I added up mine: I’ve had at least 24 different jobs. Those numbers do include part-time, temporary, college, high school and moonlighting jobs, as well as the regular full-time gigs. Here’s my list: 1) Summer babysitting 2) McDonald’s... ...Continue Reading

Your LinkedIn Profile Can Make Things Happen!

Four recruiters and four screening interviews. Two recruiters and two phone interviews, plus lunch with a connected colleague. An informal reference check. These are the recent results when 3 jobseekers updated their LinkedIn profiles, to better reflect exactly what they want to do next and the skills/talents they want to use in their next gig.... ...Continue Reading


Procrastination is more than a five-syllable word for sloth. Sometimes it is just putting vital things off to do something useless. More often for me, it’s an indicator that something’s going on that is: Unexpressed Unknown Unplanned Unexplored Unfamiliar Two examples from today: Linda didn’t write the networking letter this week, as she planned. It... ...Continue Reading