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Targeted Cover Letters

I just edited a cover letter to add in more specifics about the position and correlate the person’s past experience with their needs. Usually, those letters are more effective than the ones that simply talk about your experience. A cover letter is a marketing tool. The goal of any marketing is to demonstrate that you... ...Continue Reading

Becoming a Consultant

I’ve worked with a few people to develop a consulting “brochure” to help them make some money while looking for work. Generating income is one big benefit of being a consultant. Another is keeping your skills current. A third is having a reason to get up in the morning and having actual work to do.... ...Continue Reading

Creating and Using the Must Have List

Here’s a living example of how I guided someone through the questions in the Must Have List, to help her identify what she wants to do next in her work life. What AC Wants Say in policy & ownership Recognition and appreciation of her value & skill Authority and responsibility to determine path Leeway to... ...Continue Reading

Follow-up on Resumes

A coach posted this article that provides more insight on resume length. RESUMES INCHING UP Survey Shows Longer Resumes Now More Acceptable MENLO PARK, CA — The “keep your resume to one page” rule may be on its way out, a new survey suggests. While more than half (52 percent) of executives polled believe a... ...Continue Reading

Building a Consulting Business

When people are looking for work, it is helpful to have a few things going on at the same time. I recommend that people engage in consulting – using their skills on projects for pay. Reason #1: Multiple activities help fight the discouragement that comes from continually looking for and not yet finding the right... ...Continue Reading

Resume Length

I just saw answers to the question “how long should a resume be?” on an e-mail from the coaches’ special interest group (SIG) to which I belong. Just as I expected: most coaches believe resumes should be no longer than two pages. Some felt it could be one page for someone relatively junior in their... ...Continue Reading

Starting a New Job

I have the happy news that three people have just started new jobs – jobs that meet their Must Have Lists! Because they’ve been out of work for a while (one for almost a year, the others for six+ months), the three people are understandably nervous about how to be successful in this new gig.... ...Continue Reading

A Note Regarding Interviews and Work Transitions

“Helen”* saw a job description for a big job at a non-profit organization and commented: “that’s supposed to be even more dysfunctional than the place I work now!” My response was in the form of a suggestion: “If it’s the kind of work that interests you and the kind of prestigious organization that appeals to... ...Continue Reading

Acing An Interview

I am prepping several people for interviews – hooray! What a great opportunity for them to further explore whether this is the right fit job for them. Obviously, in this economy, people are grateful that they have even gotten an interview. It IS wonderful to be asked to come to an interview. Remember that you’ve... ...Continue Reading

Job Search: Creating Your “Must Have List”

This is a list of 5-6 aspects of a job or work that you MUST have. This is not “want to have.” This list is the things that you must have in order for you to be satisfied and content in your work, the things that will make it possible for you to be excited... ...Continue Reading
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