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Interviewing the Employer

I know you feel desperate. I know you think you have to get a job, any job. And I know you think getting a job will make you happy. I simply want to remind you that the job has to be a good fit for you if you are to be successful in the long... ...Continue Reading

Market Research

In a successful job search, you are marketing yourself to the right audience. This presumes two things: You’ve identified the right audience or market – employers who have jobs that require your specific combination of skills and expertise You know yourself – the “product” – well enough to point out all your advantages and how... ...Continue Reading

Successful Job Search Strategies

Today, I heard from someone I briefly helped with social media aspects of job search, in response to my asking how his search was going. His answer: I’ve actually gotten one offer, and in multiple rounds of interviews for three more positions. So I think I am close to the end of my search. In... ...Continue Reading

Random Thoughts Regarding Job Search

Are you having a hard time networking? Run out of people to meet? Here’s an idea that will help you recharge your networking effort: host 4-5 friends from different spheres to brainstorm with you about jobs and fields for which you are suited based on your resume. This is not to rewrite your resume, simply... ...Continue Reading

Leadership amidst fear

What kind of leadership do we need now? According to Stew Friedman on Harvard Business Publishing: Adaptive, flexible, and innovative. He sums up the core leadership ability as “playful creativity.” (click title of this post to read entire article) I was struck by his comment that “more than ever in my experience, people are feeling... ...Continue Reading

Employers and the Great Recession

Read what Alison Green tells us the recession jobs marketplace looks like from an employer’s side here. She confirms what we all know: More and higher quality applicants, including those that meet EVERY single requirement. Lower and more realistic salary expectations from applicants. And desperation. Desperation is apparent in what she reports as highly overqualified... ...Continue Reading

Depression in Job Search and Related Constructive Thoughts

The article reached by clicking on the title is about depression affecting your job search. Jason Alba, the author, founded 3 years ago – it seems that creating a company was the outcome of his job search. A follow-up article is found here: While you may not create your own company as a... ...Continue Reading

Job Search Fatigue

It’s very common to feel a little exhausted and down at some point in your job search. Usually a little “job search fatigue” sets in after a few months into your search. You get your hopes up then dashed, raised again and disappointed again. This often leads to a little desperation, a little depression, some... ...Continue Reading

Networking Followup

You’ve networked with so many people, some of whom said they’d keep you in mind and you think they really could be helpful. You want to get back in touch with them because you still are looking for work. How can you do it without sounding desperate for a job? There are simple ways to... ...Continue Reading

Having a hard time in job search? Vent!

I am a big proponent of venting during your job search process. Venting is when you talk with someone trusted about all the obstacles, problems, fears, anxieties, anger, and frustration you feel and encounter every day and week. Venting is vital when you are under pressure – and a job search is definitely pressure-filled. Pressures... ...Continue Reading

Difficult Interview Questions

Everyone has a “difficult interview question” they need to answer. One of my Twitter pals (my “tweep” Cynthia Y.) suggested this: I always say – don’t be afraid to breathe in an interview. Take a moment to reflect difficult questions before you interview! I love that and call it the “pause that refreshes,” to swipe... ...Continue Reading